At Gateshead M.F.C we ask all inexperienced new members to complete a series of flying manoeuvers using a Buddy Box dual control system to ensure that all aircraft are flown in a safe manner.


      On completion the Pilot is presented with the Club’s    ‘Solo Flying Certificate’






                                                                                  Solo Flying Certificate Manoeuvers


1:  Fly A Basic Circuit.

A Basic Circuit should be flown in a Clockwise & anticlockwise direction without any noticeable loss of height.


2: Circuit Transition.

A Basic circuit should be flown in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction from a fixed point without any noticeable loss of height. 


3: Figure Of Eight.

A flat figure of eight should be flown with the crossover point immediately in front of the pilot. Again there should be no noticeable loss of height.


4: Cimbing, Diving & Stalling.

This section demonstrates the pilots ability to control the height of the aircraft using the throttle & will also show his or her ability to recognise a stall and take the appropriate action to maintain control of the aircraft.


5: Take Off. 

The Pilot should be able to consistently control the aircraft on the ground so as to achieve controlled take off into wind.


6: Landing.

The pilot should be able to consistently perform a controlled landing approach and touch down into wind within a designated area.


7:Dead Stick Landing.

The pilot should be able to land the aircraft into wind and touch down within a designated area when the engine is idling or shut down. 


                                      Members are also encouraged to pass the B.M.F.A  Achievment scheme ‘ A ‘ & ‘ B ‘ Tests.
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